Skywalker has had an interest in storytelling, mythology and ritual drama since childhood. She is a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) and is currently in the OBOD’s Bardic grade. She is a founding member of the drumming group Blessed Beat, as well as vocalist/frontwoman for the electronic music project The Freaks Next Door, and dancer with the troupe Tribal De Luna. She has contributed her efforts to Pagan Pride Day, the Connecticut Wiccan and Pagan Network, Harvest Home Gathering, and Forest Folk: Spirit in the Woods.

Heroes of the Silver Screen

The bard of the modern age, the filmmaker, needs to be able to tell a good story in order to get us to spend our hard-earned dollars at the movies. One successful way to get the story across is to use the archetype of the Hero’s Journey, familiar to many people through the works of Joseph Campbell. Using examples from popular movies, we will identify the steps of the Hero’s Journey and meet allies, tricksters, threshold guardians, and other characters that our hero encounters along the way.

You Cant Go Home Again (Can You?)

Certain aspects of religious practice no longer exist in most modern cultures, such as permanent temples with dedicated priests and priestesses, tribal rites of passage, and even ritual mutilation and human sacrifice. Are any of these practices relevant to modern Pagans? How – theoretically – would we implement them, and would it even be a good idea? Are there substitutes for some of these things (for example, tattoos)? What moral and socioeconomic obstacles are there to having, for example, a working Temple of Aphrodite? This is not a "lecture," everyone’s input is encouraged, but please play nice. The talking stick is not a weapon.

















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