Evan Stuckless

Evan Stuckless is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, performer, and teacher who spends way too much time analyzing world rhythms. For 20 years, Evan has been playing world roots music from Afropop to Zydeco, Blugrass to Cha Cha. In addition to studying traditional rhythms and songs from various cultures, he has incorporated many of these styles in his compositions. He has spent the last couple years on the left coast, playing in a disco band, working on his accordion magnum opus, and pining for the Brushwood fire circle.

Latin Rhythms for Drums and Melodic Instruments

Bring your drums and rattles, guitars and flutes or just your voice and dancing shoes to this introduction to the heartbeat of salsa rhythms - the clave. We will cover the basic conga, timbale and bell parts in a typical arrangement as well as the role of some melodic instruments in salsa music.

Evan will also lead drumming for bonfire precession.

















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