Catrice Thornton

Catrice Morning Bird Thornton began studying with her own Ojibiway Shaman in 1989 and has been an active shaman in her clan since 1994. She has been getting involved in the pagan community as well since 1992 by giving shamanic classes, and performing rituals for those interested. Education on the Nishnaabe culture at local colleges, and pagan student groups. Catrice has been training others for the last 8 years and expanding her own religious studies to include Zen Buddhism, and various Wiccan traditions.

Coming of Age and Life Rituals

The need for ritual is something that most people understand on at least a basic level. Almost all religions have them in one form or another. Something that has been missing are the rituals for children and coming of age. Not a lot of rituals exist anymore other then getting a driver's license, graduating, and being old enough to be legally an adult. There are so many smaller changes in a child's life on the way to adult hood and once reaching the status of adult there are still many more along the path of growing. Discussion on the rituals my tribe uses and what points in life are celebrated or worked for, and how that can be incorporated in everyone's life today to bring back the rituals of aging and growing as a person.

Shamanism 101

A basic class that explains why Native American's spirituality does not fit under the term of religion and how it permeates the aspects of their life. Differences between Native American Shamanism compared to other shamanic backgrounds. A rundown of what a shaman's responsibilities are in contrast to any other Native American. Details discussed would be the significance of rituals and dances, the many different kind including fancy dancers, grass dancers, learning to dance, music and how it's changed with the times, as well as naming ceremonies and vision questing. All of these are things I have learned as well as teach others along with my own family. Given time will discuss animal possession and 'riding' your totem as a meditative and active exercise.

















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