Izolda Trakhtenberg

Born in Moldova in the former Soviet Union, Izolda grew up steeped in the rich heritage of Eastern Europe. She spent her first years listening to her great-grandmother speak about plants, stones, the weather, people, and music. As Izolda progressed in her chosen fields of environmental education (she traveled the world for NASA teaching environmental education workshops), musical and tarot reading, she began study of the energy work of Reiki and Chi energy. She has been a Tai Chi practitioner and teacher for over 13 years, and is a certified Reiki practitioner, a yoga practitioner and instructor. More recently she has incorporated Holistic Life Coaching and Therapeutic Creativity, and is the founder of the Life Elements System - a process that helps people gain deep insights about their own lives and primary behaviors and then helps them take control of the their lives and live consciously and fully.

Intro to Tai Chi

This ancient Chinese martial art has been practiced for thousands of years. It energizes the body even as it quiets the mind, and it brings body, mind, and spirit together to leave you peaceful, centered, and balanced. Join Izolda Trakhtenberg for this Introduction to Tai Chi class. Working with the Life Force in the earth and in ourselves, we will move through the first few flowing postures of Yang style Tai Chi utilizing our own inner awareness of our bodies and our energy. We will learn the appropriate body mechanics and structure to move through the form for optimal health, wellbeing, and peace. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring water.

















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