Tina Van Pelt

Tina Van Pelt has studied glass for the past eight years at the premier East Coast USA glass studio, Vitrum Studios, in Beltsville, Maryland. She enjoys working with several kinds of glass: both American "Bullseye" glass, as well as Effettre Murano Italian glass, and often includes gold foil and other metals into her artwork. Focusing mainly on jewelry and small decorative pieces, Tina has developed a unique style that has become recognizable in the local community. She lives in Riverdale Park, Maryland where she maintains a private studio and showroom. She teaches glass jewelry making at her new studio and store, Artists on the Avenue, in Hyattsville Maryland, at the Greenbelt Maryland Community Center and at various other events such as her church Womens retreat, Unitarian Universalist summer camp and at Pagan gatherings such as Free Spirit Gathering and Four Quarters Farm. Her work can be viewed online at www.profusionsofglass.com.

Make your own Fused Glass Jewelry, Amulet and Altarpiece

This class will provide you with the opportunity to make your own design out of colorful fused glass. I will also provide an introduction to the art of fused glass. Using either American or Italian Glass, and including millefiori, Dichroic glass, copper or silver wire or copper foil, you will make a pendant, earrings, worry stone or small altar piece. The Pagan community has especially appreciated this class because this class has allowed us to design works that expresses our individual spiritual paths. Pieces are limited in sized due to the size of the kilns to 1.25x1.5". Materials cost per piece is $20.00. You may make multiple pieces. You will need to return to the class several hours later to pick up your finished piece. Examples of the work that I sell is on my website: www.profusionsofglass.com.

















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