Justin VanDenBerghe

Justin VanDenBerghe is 26 years old and has been studying Paganism for roughly 11 years. He is an Eagle Scout and from time to time teaches various course in Wilderness Survival and outdoor skills. He also enjoys studying Martial Arts and Self Defense which he has also been known to teach from time to time as well.

Wilderness Survival

Every nature loving Pagan should learn Wilderness Survival. In this course you can expect to learn:

How to avoid a wilderness emergency, including camping trip check lists, and most common mistakes people have made in the past.
The priorities of survival in a wilderness situation.
How to construct your own survival kit.
How to create a fire using 3 methods other than matches or lighters.
How to signal using mirrors, whistles, ground to air signals, etc.
How to build a shelter.
Ways to obtain, filter, and otherwise treat water for drinking.
How to tell what to eat and not eat in a wilderness situation.

















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