Ronn Walks With Fire

Ronn Walks With Fire "Pele Ahi" in Hawaiian - has been a student and practitioner of Hawaiian and Micronesian Spirituality for a generation. He lived on the islands of Palau in Micronesia where he studied native rituals. Prior to that, he lived in Nigeria and studied Hausa spirituality. He has traveled to the Aztec and Mayan holy sites and is currently studying their spirituality. He practices and shares Natural Magic. He has taught numerous workshops and seminars, translated rituals from other parts of the world, created new rituals by melding Micronesian spirituality into Neo-Pagan holiday celebrations and writes and performs as Priest in many large rituals across the nation. Ron also hosts The Mysteries of ExtÓngelÓ (a personal spiritual initiation held late each summer), and several other overnight Festivals as well as drumming circles at FireHeart in Toledo, Ohio.

















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