Michelle Zee

Michelle is a trans, pagan and poly activist who has presented workshops at the Dark Odyssey, Free Spirit Beltane and Gathering festival, Loving More East and West, Poly Living, Building Bridges conferences, Sandbox and at the Community for Spiritual Living since 2002. She has studied both Brad Blanton's Radical Honesty and Susan Campbell's Getting Real. Michelle is also known as Michael when she changes genders. She is out to friends, neighbors and coworkers. Telling people is not always easy (though the more people she has told my "secret" to the easier it gets). Most people either don't care or are accepting. Let's face it if they don't like it then it is their problem - and do you what to be with that kind of person anyway? No!

Getting Real: Practicing Honesty in Relationships

Getting Real teaches truth skills that make honest communication safer and more fun. Most people are afraid to be totally honest. They fear damaging the relationship, creating a hassle, or hurting someone’s feelings. But when you learn to put your attention on your own here-now experience rather than worrying about the outcome, you discover the real source of personal power and self-trust. We all participate in speaking honesty and noticing how language affects how we communicate. There will also be some fun exercises including playing an honesty game. We will explore: -- What practices are available to support my living in my here-now experience instead of in my beliefs, judgments, and shoulds? -- The difference between my senses and my mind -- How we can express anger and sadness without trying to control the other person. -- How we can transparently label our intent

Improv play

Do you want to be more playful? Would you like to think more on your feet? Would you like to get over your fear of making mistakes? This is a hands on workshop and is a lot of fun too! Improv is entertaining, energetic, and exciting. Improv is always different. If you find repetitive tasks dull, this is for you! Expect your confidence to increase, virtually all players improve on assertiveness, and creativity and problem solving are increased. Whether you want to improve your rituals, be better at public speaking or just have more poise this workshop is for you. We will learn the basic principles of improv and then create an improv play together.

















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