A Journey into Healing

This journey is a present life regression for the purpose of recognizing wounds and healing them. You will have the opportunity to examine neglected, wounded, and painful places in your life; and to heal them. Do not eat just before this working; bring something to lie down on, and prepare to work hard.

Breaking the Spell of Fear

High levels of fear are correlated with high profit levels. The return to community-based midwifery represents one of our society's best chances to return to its senses regarding pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, menopause, relations between the sexes, and death. Stories drawn from 25 years of attending births in a community context point to the way groups of people can break even long standing spells of fear.

Coming Om

At Midnight, on Thursday, it has become our custom to join our voices together in a camp-wide OM - a raising of voices in a vibratory union, that carries our joy over the camp and reminds us of the Spirit within our play. Find two or three others (or nine, or ninety), take a deep breath and let out with an OM. Listen for it, and pass it on. Pause in what you're doing and join your voice into the many. Or start it yourself. Take a moment to realize how blessed we are for Starwood and the ability to take a moment to realize how blessed we are! Bless the world with peace and bounty and love. The Future starts now.

Rumble of the Dead

Starwood and Brushwood alumni, and many others in the Northeast Ohio area and the SubGenius community, were saddened on October 16, 2007 when, after suffering a stroke complicated with pneumonia, and fighting a recurrent battle with Hodgkin's lymphoma, our great friend Chas Smith was taken from us. Chas (AKA Charles Vincent Smith) was the lead man in Einstein's Secret Orchestra and an architect of Tranquility Base and the Rumble in the Jungle. He was an author, musician, radio personality, a Cleveland State University music professor, and a member of the Chameleon Club, the family that brings you the Starwood Festival and the WinterStar Symposium.

Chas wrote three books on American Roots Music, which he taught for over 20 years and taught basic music composition to grade school kids through a program with the Cleveland Opera, and taught at every Starwood and WinterStar since he joined ACE. He sang and played keyboards, bass guitar, and theremin for over 30 years with groups including The Clocks, The Pagans, Venus Envy, ESO, The Fullbrights, Caelyn and Cobra Verde. ESO was voted Best Electronic/Instrumental Band at the Cleveland Free Times Music Awards in 2001, and graced our stage many times, including an unforgettable collaboration with Egyptian composer and fellow Chameleon Halim El-Dabh. He was also a frequent back-up band for Church of the SubGenius Rev. Ivan Stang both on stage, CD and video, and they shared air on Ivan's radio show The Hour of Slack and Chas' Swamp Radio.

On Friday November 23rd, 2007 a tribute event called Chasfest: The Rumble in the Urban Jungle was held at the Beachland Ballroom in his honor. All proceeds went to his family to help defray medical bills. After a drum circle featuring many ACE members and Halim El-Dabh, members of every band he had been in took the stage, along with Brushfire Island's Ron Slabe and video projections provided by Ivan Stang, and played both separately and together in his memory. This year we dedicate the Rumble of the Dead party to our dear friend, featuring a reunion of Einstein's Secret Orchestra.

The Secrets Of the Menorah

This is a discussion of the ancient symbols and meanings associated the Menorah, the ancient 7-branched sacred Lamp that stood within the Temple in Jerusalem- as powerful tribute to polytheistic beliefs in ancient Israel.

Come prepared to discuss and ask questions.

















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