Kenny Klein

Kenny Klein is a well known musician, author, and lecturer in the Pagan community. Kenny has recorded many CDs geared toward Pagan and Renaissance Festival audiences; He is the author of The Flowering Rod, Men, Sex and Spirituality, (Delphi 1993), a book about men's Wicca; and has been a workshop presenter and musical performer at festivals that include PSG, Free Spirit Gathering, Heartland, Starwood, Ancient Ways, Florida Pagan Fest, Goddess Gathering, and many others. Kenny is a co-founder of the Blue Star tradition of Wicca, and has been a Wiccan priest and teacher for over twenty years. He is currently working on a book about Fairy lore.

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An Opinionated History of Pagan Music

Trace the history of modern Pagan music from its origins in the 70s to the present day. Who were the first musicians of the Pagan community? How did festivals and Pagan publications influence the music Pagans listen to today? Join Pagan musician Kenny Klein for discussion and examples of the songs we Pagans sing.

The Lost Secrets of Wicca

As Wicca becomes more popular, and the coven structure is replaced by festivals, open circles and solitaries, many of the most magical and powerful traditions of the Craft are lost or forgotten. Kenny Klein explores some of the great secrets taught in the traditional coven structure, such as the Tenets of Faith, the Paths Of Power, the full Wiccan Rede (all 28 lines), and older Pagan traditions.

















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