Ari Mankey

Ari Mankey (Ayperi) specializes in American Cabaret Belly Dance as well as classical Egyptian dance and folkloric dances from the Middle East and North Africa. Dancing under the name Ayperi, which is Turkish for 'Moon Fairy', Ari is currently a member of the Habibi Dancers, a popular dance troupe in Michigan. She dances statewide at various restaurants, festivals and theatres. Devoted to the art of belly dance, Ari looks to dance as a way to express her spirituality and femininity.

Belly Dance: Beyond the Basics

This class is for those who have moved past the beginner level of belly dance, and want to take things to the next level. Learn advanced moves, layering techniques, and combinations. You will also have the opportunity to share some of your favorite moves! Previous dance experience is recommended.

Fire Shimmies - Belly Dance moves for Bonfire Circles

Have you ever wanted to just let loose and really dance around the bonfire, but you weren't sure how? In this workshop you'll learn how to use simple belly dance movements to dance around the bonfire without running into everyone else trying to do the same thing. There's so much you can do around the fire: spin, turn, shimmy, and step. A whole world of bonfire dance is waiting for you, come and grab it!

Introduction to Middle Eastern Dance

This workshops teaches the basic movements of Raks Sharqi, better known as Egyptian style belly dance. In addition to a simple choreography, particpants will learn how to align and control their bodies the belly dance way! Dance experience is not necessary, and people of all dance levels are welcome. Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring a scarf for your hips.

















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