Trisha McBride

Performing and teaching workshops all over the US and in Israel, Trisha teaches a unique style that is strongly rooted in Egyptian Cabaret, American Tribal, Flamenco, Indian Odissi and many different Gypsy styles. Drawing from all these influences, she has created a strong elegant style that is riddled in "Drawing Down the Moon".

Teaching this empowering dance, to her, is a rare and beautiful gift. Trisha is a part time teacher in Brooklyn New York and have the honor of teaching at the following studios.

1) Greenhouse Holistic Center. Trisha has taught at this particular studio for the past four years. Over this time she has refined her teaching skills and has developed a holistic approach that many students are empowered by.

2) Move with Grace Studios. Teaching in this studio for the past year Trisha truly enjoys the raw energy that comes through this studio.

3) Triskelion Arts. This is a professional dance studios that Trisha rents to hold her intermediate and advanced groups in. She is in the process of creating her own dance troupe. Focusing on groups dynamic is a specialty of hers. Trisha loves to work with the Goddess inside every woman :)

Trisha holds workshops every 3-5 months. She teaches privately, also working with crystals, and the magical properties of ancient makeup application.

Drawing Down the Moon

Explaining the connections one can have while dancing for the Divine and taking in Her Energy. In emphasis I will teach how to properly ground ones self, focus and stay connected while performing. How to clear a rooms energy with zils (aka finger cymbals) and how to take on the stories that need to be told to particular audiences, and last but not least how to protect yourself using ancient Egyptian makeup application methods :)

















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