Dan Halloran

In 1988 he joined the Ring of Troth, the largest Germanic-pagan networking organization in the U.S. (http://thetroth.org) and Vlissinger Hearth was formed in 1989. an was appointed Steward for New York in 1991 and entered into the clergy-training program. He completed his examination before the Godmathlers of the Troth and the Warder of the Lore at Ostara 1994 and was pronounced an Elder at age 23, the youngest person ever to be appointed an Elder in the organizations history. The High Rede then named him High Steward and he took a seat on the High Rede while attending moots and gatherings all over the US and Canada.

Law and Order in Middle Earth

The modern American justice system has evolved over thousands of years, to become what it is today. With the approaching millennium upon us, this article attempts to trace the history of law, for the last 2000 years. From its earliest pagan roots to modern times, the law has undergone many changes. However, as the workshop will show, certain rights are fundamental to the system itself, and they have endured the test of time. It will concentrate on the central role the Germanic Thing system played in the origins and development of the modern adversarial system of justice in the Anglo-American world. t will also deal with the Germanic God of Law, Tyr.

Pagan-Heathens and the Law

As an attorney, working closely with both law enforcement, and not for profit organization law, we will explore the many unique and multi-dimensional aspects of the legal system as it relates to and impacts the pagan-heathen community.

From child custody to incorporating, pagans are at the forefront of both confusion and skepticism by much of the secular authorities, and by inference, the legal system itself.

This workshop will deal with the broad spectrum of issues facing the modern pagan/heathen individual and the groups they belong to.

I have worked on prisoner rights issues related to pagan/asatru issues, and dealt with military chaplaincy issues related to pagan/heathen servicemen and their religious needs. The workshop will encompass as much of the lay-of-the land as possible and field questions and concerns from the audience.

The Evolution of Theodism

Theodism, Theodish Belief, Þéodisc Geléafa, Retro-Tribalism, Theod/Þéod: is at once a cultural, religious, and social system; its purpose is to revive not only the religion but also the folkways of the Germanic peoples of Europe – and to do so within a tribal context. Utilizing history, anthropology, and applied comparative studies disciplines, it is the hope of Theodish community to reconstruct the pre-Christian tribal religions of the Germanic branch of the Indo-European peoples; all within the cultural framework and community environment of specific elder tribes. What is the difference between Asatru and Theodism and other forms of Heathenry or Germanic Neo-Paganism? What are the central tenants of Theodism?

















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