Evan Pritchard

Evan (“Chipmunk”) Pritchard, a widely recognized author of Celtic and Algonkian Indian descent, has given popular workshops at Starwood in the past. His critically acclaimed books on native history, mysticism, shamanism, and culture include Native New Yorkers, No Word For Time, Native American Stories of the Sacred, and Wholehearted Thinking. His self-published books include Earth At The Crossroads, Aunt Helen’s Little Herb Book, Lenape Phrases, Micmac Phrases, Touring Native New York, and Algonquins and Estuaries. Other books on spirituality include From the Temple Within, and Light Workout. His DVD Touring Native New York is shown frequently on Manhattan Cable. He teaches and lectures at a dozen colleges, universities, and museums, and has appeared on MSNBC, ABC news radio, New Dimensions, Maryknoll, NPR, Voice of America and many other radio networks, and was recently a guest on the Gary Null show.

Earth at the Crossroads

This workshop will focus on the author’s research on the history of the Algonkian Civilization’s legendary seven fires prophecies, which is said to be an ancient prophecy about global warming and other earth changes. Evan offers his insights into the time period the prophecy was first spoken, compelling evidence as to its validity, and what it asks of us as individuals, based on his book Earth Atthe Crossroads. He will also discuss Native American and other solutions to global warming “so that we can light the eighth fire.”

How Green Was Manhattan

This workshop, based on the author’s Native New Yorkers (Council Oak, 2nd edition paperback, revised) will focus on the various types of sacred sites of old Manhattan, and how they came to be desecrated over time. Participants will create their own maps of sacred Manhattan circa 1492, suitable for framing. Then Evan will talk about how New York and other major cities can become green gardens once again, and leaders in the fight against global warming.

















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