Ron Rowand-White

Ron Rowand-White has been heathen for about eight years. He is a member of Wolvesí Wod Kindred in Evansville, IN and a member of the Rowan Clan here at Brushwood. His studies include the Runes, Seidhr, liturgical construction, and the mythology and lore of the Germanic folk. An artist and a skald, he produces artwork and poetry for both the heathen and the larger neo-pagan communities.

Basic Heathen Ritual: Blot and Sumbel

This first part of this workshop will be a lecture and discussion of blot and sumbel, reviewing the historical and literary evidence of what these rituals were and how they were performed. A discussion of the modern, reconstructed rituals, including their primary variations, will be followed by a blot to Thorr and, provided there is time, a Sumbel rite.

Bidding the Goddess Goodbye: Farewell to Nerthus Ritual

As in the old days, when the Earth Goddess had blessed the fields, her image was returned to her island shrine. Join us in thanking the Goddess Nerthus for blessing us, and in bidding her goodbye as we prepare to say farewell to the festival and return her to her island until next year.

Hail Holy Earth: Nerthus Procession and Ritual

Traditional cultures all over the world honor the Earth Goddess. All are invited to join in this welcome and procession, based on the traditions of Northern Europe, in which we bring Brushwood's own image of the goddess Nerthus from her island in the pond, carry her triumphantly through the campground to bless us with peace and fellowship, and install her on the shore so that all can honor Her during the festival. Join the parade and bring the Goddess to Starwood with drumming and song. Bring drums, flowers, and colored scarves to wave. (Nerthus statue and cart carved by Bob Stine.) Children are especially welcome.

















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