Beth Rosemarie

Beth Rosemarie has been sculpting magical artwork for over twenty years, her husband, Zeeb is a potter and woodsman. For many years they have been manifesting the Faerie Garden at Starwood.

Experiential Faerie Working Pt.1 -Discussion

We will discuss the Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) as related to Faerie, and associated directions, colors, fey beings, rhythms, instruments, etc., Teach magical aspects of Drum/Dance/Trance then practice in working with the elements, invoking and evoking each element, using the various aspects we'd discussed.

Experiential Faerie Working Pt.2 - Ritual

A mystical, experiential, Elemental FaerieRitual (not necessarily just for workshop participants, but that preparation would be helpful) to take place in and around the Faerie Garden at twilight, honoring the Elements with Music, Dance, and Chant.

















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