Zimra (Anne Delekta) has been performing and teaching dances of the Middle East for more than 15 years. Her studies include ethnic dance styles from North and West Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Spain, India, Central Asia and the Persian Gulf. As an anthropologist, her dancing is deeply grounded in an awareness and sensitivity to the native cultures of each form and style. She resides in Columbus, Ohio.

World Fusion Belly Dance I

This class is the synthesis of almost of 20 years of world dance experience. Belly dance basics are presented here with a twist, flavored with stylings from around the globe. This class is suitable for all genders and levels of experience, and will be dedicated to building a basic working vocabulary of fusion dance.

World Fusion Belly Dance II

In part II of this class, we will be taking the basics from part I and building them into working combinations and sequences. As we learn we'll talk about the concept of fusion, fusion music, and discuss how to incorporate multiple influences with respect, integrity, and grace. All levels/genders are welcome, but it is recommended that beginning dancers attend part I of the class in preparation.

















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