Elspeth of Haven Healer, teacher, pastoral Counselor, irrepressible storyteller - Elspeth is an honored Elder in the Pagan community. She has been a fixture of Starwood for longer than we’ve been at Brushwood. She is co-founder of The Haven Way: an eco-spiritual path of personal and planetary transformation. Her primary concerns: healing as a multi-dimensional spiritual path, the unrecognized value of the older woman, the integral relationship between humans and other beings. Elspeth is a living example of the messages she brings: a 77-year-old great-grandmother; who, until last year, traveled in a converted school bus named Gwendolyn. Elspeth holds the Certificate of Shamanic Practitioner from The Church of Earth Healing. All her other training is experiential, her learning received directly from the Source. When she is not being Crone-on-the-Road, Elspeth is at home in wild and wonderful West Virginia. All of Elspeth’s workshops (except the Journey Into healing) will be held at her site, Elspeth’s Corner.

Changing to Meet Today’s Challenges

You are alive right now- you are in the middle of everything that is happening. Are you aware of the impending crises in the world today? How are you evolving to deal with it all? Does it really matter? How can you affect what appears to be a world spiraling out of control? The best way to protect your future is to create it. You have the power to be a creator of a new and more loving world.

Grandmother Turtle’s Wisdom Stories

Elspeth tells stories that come from her heart as well as traditional myths and "found" stories. The voice sends more to the heart than the ear can know. For the inner child in everyone!

Reweaving the Web of the World

We have each chosen to be born into this time; amid the degrading environment, the ending of fossil energy, the rapid socio-political changes, and the growing knowledge of the power of the individual to alter reality. What we have not yet come to terms with is our relationship to the whole of the natural world. Only when we learn to see the patterns, and recognize the intrinsic value of each being, will we begin to find our own place in it.

















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