Kate Kelly

Kate Kelly, MSN, SCAC is one of the pioneers in the field of adult attention deficit disorder. She is the co-author of two popular ADD books - You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?! and The ADDed Dimension. She is a nationally recognized speaker and the founder of a group ADD coaching practice (www.addcoaching.com). Although Kate has extensive experience as a lifecoach and mental health professional, her most important credential is living and stuggling with the challenge of ADD. Currently, Kate is working on a new book entitled ADD in the Spirit, which takes ADD out of the narrow medical model, intead framing it as a spiritual challenge and gift. She is also a seminary student at One Spirit Alliance in NYC.

ADD in the Spirit

ADD (attention deficit disorder) has been narrowly framed by mainstream society as a disease. While living with ADD is not easy, it is much more than that. ADD is a spiritual path and a gateway to other levels of consciousness. In this session we will explore the following topics: What is ADD according to the medical model - in brief; How does it play out in everyday life; Is ADD a disorder or a poor fit between the individual consciousness and existing social structures?; What are the spiritual gifts of ADD? What are the challenges presented by ADD ;ADD as a "device" on the spiritual path. How attention plays out on the screen of consciousness and in the drama of transformation.

ADDults Only

(Presented with Paul Ravenscraft)

Believe it or not, many of the highly creative people in our community have ADD. For those of us with Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD has a way of following us around: into the classroom, the conference room, or the waiting room. Or…sometimes…into the bedroom. We will look at how hyperactive-ADD traits (energy, wildness) can boost sexual attraction, and frustrate intimacy. We will review how ADD symptoms, such as impulsivity (the "oops!" factor); distractibility ("Why am I thinking about the grocery list NOW?"); or time mismanagement, can play out in this arena. We will explore how some with ADD respond differently to sights, sounds, and tactile sensations, and how this can make a difference. We delve into related issues like sex addiction, cultural inconsistency, and the sometime impact of medication on sexual desire or sexual performance.

















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