Jason Mankey

Jason Mankey is turning into quite the fixture at Starwood, whether hes waxing poetic about the Horned God or giving praise to Jim Morrison during a Dionysus Ritual. A Pagan for the past 12 years or so, Jason has developed a very special interest in Wiccan History and Horned God lore. Back in mundania he manages a coffee shop and lives in Central Michigan. You can visit him on the web at www.panmankey.com.

The Dionysus Ritual

For one night, allow yourself to be swept up in the mystery, might and magick that is Dionysus! Celebrate life through music, dance, love, and drink as we gather to worship the god of bards and bars. This is an interactive ritual, all set to the music of the Doors, full of poetry and motion. We'll also celebrate the bride of Dionysus, beautiful Ariadne - truly a Goddess and worthy of praise. Join us as we update the ancient rites for use in the 21st century.

The Horned God

Few archetypes in modern Pagan practice are as revered and as misunderstood as the Horned God. He's a cultural universal, but his message has changed over the last few centuries. Come explore the history of the Horned God with us, see where he has been and where he is going. We'll explore not only the generalized Horned God archetype, but also look at him in some of his most well known roles. From the Greek Pan to the Celtic Cernunnos to the Hopi Kokopelli we'll explore what has made the Horned God a favorite in a multitude of Pagan pantheons.

















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