The ManDrum: Interactive Electronic Music, Wearable Performance Interfaces, and the Myth of Intelligence

Presented by Telesma.

Chris Mandra, guitarist for TELESMA will demonstrate and allow others to try his wearable performance interface "the manDrum", synthesized throat-singing controlled by a P5 Data Glove, and vocal looping using modern, interactive electronic technology. Additionally, Chris will invite discussion revolving around interactive electronic music, music improvisation and AAI or Artificial Artificial Intelligence. Chris Mandra received his Bachelor's of Music from the University of the Arts, in Phila, PA, Spent a Year at the Liszt Ferenc Zeneakademia in Budapest, Hungary, received two masters from Peabody (mm computer music, mm composition) and did all his doctoral work there for a music composition degree as well (before deciding he'd had enough and dropping out). In 2004 he was awarded a fellowship to work @ STEIM in amsterdam on his wearable performance interface "the mandrum".

















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