Ancient Harmonic Instruments and Throat Singing/ Kirtan Chants from India

Presented by Telesma.

1st half- Harmonic Overtone Vocal Techniques and Instruments: A group toning will start off the first half of the workshop then Ian Hesford of Telesma will be demonstrating some of the worlds early harmonic instruments including Didgeridoo, Kubing, Mouth Bow. Followed by a discussion of the principle of harmonic overtones and lesson on how to train yourself to hear them in everyday sounds and begin to produce them yourself using the ancient art of "Throat Singing" for meditation, healing and balance. 2nd half- Kirtan Chanting: Joanne Juskus of Telesma will then lead the second half of the workshop teaching the history and meaning behind the ancient practice of Kirtan chanting. The tradition from India of repetitive chanting in a group to achieve profound states of bliss and euphoria. Handouts will be provided for several chants used during Telesma's performances. Translation and pronunciation will be discussed for each one before leading the group in a round of Kirtan chanting. Participants will come away with a deep sense of relaxation and knowledge of some of mankinds earliest methods for meditation.

















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