Presented by Jonathan Dickau.

Ascension has become a popular topic these days, being a featured element of New Age novels like the "Celestine" books, science Fiction such as Stargate on TV, and a host of other works. The idea of ascending through layers or levels of being has been a part of various esoteric traditions since ancient times, however, and numerous encounters with ascended beings can be found in all the magical and religious traditions. Jonathan discusses the process of ascension, the various kinds of ascended beings, and the ways ritual and contemplation help us to connect, evolve, and ascend. There is an emphasis here on how we can do that safely, and make clear progress toward our spiritual and magical goals. Ascension is something everyone must deal with, upon their passing, but there is great value to learning all we can know about the process, and beginning to ascend consciously, before the death of our physical body. In addition; whatever steps we take toward ascension contribute to our ability to make the world a better place, or to make meaningful changes in our lives. As we become lighter, there is less to hold us back, and more energy to realize the fulfillment of our goals.

















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