Bio-Medical Ethics and Religion: Beginnings and Endings of Life

Presented by Heather Kyle.

The beginnings and endings of life present us with difficult decisions, as patients, as caregivers and as a religious community. These decisions have a deep impact on us. In this workshop I will discuss the kinds of guidance we can find within our own religious traditions as we approach these critical moments of the human experience. I will also facilitate discussion on the ways that we are effected as individuals and as a community by the status quo and how we can prepare for and avoid problems when faced with these difficult decisions. I will challenge you to find out what your options are and how to insure that your wishes are honored regardless of what faith you practice when it comes to this very personal topic and provide resources to find out more. I will challenge the religious community to find ways of supporting individual decisions without imposing our own personal morality, ethics or agenda on our brothers and sisters within our own community and illicit suggestions on how to do this from our spiritual leaders.

















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