Healing and Magick with Reiki - A Level I (Beginner) Class Part 1

Presented by Satayana.

I wish to introduce others to the simplicity and power that is Reiki. Through using Reiki on ourselves and others for just 10 mins a day we can achieve a deep level or healing, peace and empowerment. Reiki (pronounced "Ray - key") is a simple Japanese form of energywork gaining popularity in hospitals, wellness centers and amoung the general public for it's effectiveness in accelerating healing/recovery, and improving pain management and stress relief. Reiki will be demonstrated and it's applications in healing and magick will be discussed. Satayana, draws from 23 years experience in energywork, specializing in Reiki for the past 19 years. She teaches Reiki as it was originally intended - as a simple healing art, and because of this is the only Reiki Teacher/Practitioner in Northeastern PA to have been awarded free clinic space in a hospital for the purpose of providing Reiki to patients and staff.

















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