Healing and Magick with Reiki - A Level I (Beginner) Class Part 2

Presented by Satayana.

Participants will receive the necessary energetic (Level I) attunement to Reiki, perform Reiki on themselves and others, and qualify to be certified as a Reiki Level I Practitioner. Please bring a blanket or chair. Handouts will be provided, and an optional in-depth Reiki manual written by the instructor will be available for $7.50. Satayana, draws from 23 years experience in energywork, specializing in Reiki for the past 19 years. She teaches Reiki as it was originally intended - as a simple healing art, and because of this is the only Reiki Teacher/Practitioner in Northeastern PA to have been awarded free clinic space in a hospital for the purpose of providing Reiki to patients and staff.

















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