Pagan-Heathens and the Law

Presented by Dan Halloran.

As an attorney, working closely with both law enforcement, and not for profit organization law, we will explore the many unique and multi-dimensional aspects of the legal system as it relates to and impacts the pagan-heathen community.

From child custody to incorporating, pagans are at the forefront of both confusion and skepticism by much of the secular authorities, and by inference, the legal system itself.

This workshop will deal with the broad spectrum of issues facing the modern pagan/heathen individual and the groups they belong to.

I have worked on prisoner rights issues related to pagan/asatru issues, and dealt with military chaplaincy issues related to pagan/heathen servicemen and their religious needs. The workshop will encompass as much of the lay-of-the land as possible and field questions and concerns from the audience.

















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