Quantum Holographic Fractal Universe

Presented by Jonathan Dickau.

Quantum Mechanics describes a view of reality that is downright magical, as has been popularized in movies like What the Bleep? and presented in books and programs like The Elegant Universe. Holograms are a way to encode 3-d objects onto 2-dimensional film, and they are also a great metaphor for much more that is both scientifically significant, and again quite magical. Fractals are abstract mathematical objects that reside magical realm between the whole numbered dimensions, but it seems that the real universe is full of them, from mountains and clouds to the distribution of galaxies, forms in the real world are fractals. What we don't see in nature are circles, squares, and other regular figures explored in ordinary geometry. Fractal geometry, holograms, and quantum mechanics can greatly expand our world-view, and they allow us to more accurately represent what is real. Though Jonathan will touch on a variety of technical subjects, this lecture will be light-hearted, relatively non-technical, and fun!

















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