Rolling Thunder and the Grateful Dead

Presented by Stanley Krippner.

(Presented with Sidian MorningStar Jones)

Rolling Thunder was an intertribal medicine man who was befriended by Mickey Hart and other members of the Grateful Dead in the early 1970s. Mickey's first solo LP was inspired by him, and Rolling Thunder let many rituals for band members. The Grateful Deadīs interest in Rolling Thunder was part of their curiosity about indigenous people and their capacities, an interest that would eventually win them an award from the Rain Forest Network. An example of this interest was the dream telepathy experiment Stanley Krippner conducted at Jerry Garciaīs suggestion with the entire audience each night of a series of Dead concerts in Port Chester (60 miles from Stan’s dream laboratory at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn). Through the Grateful Dead, Rolling Thunder met other rock stars including Bob Dylan with whom he toured for the Rolling Thunder Review. Stanley Krippner was introduced to Rolling Thunder by Mickey Hart and will share stories about Rolling Thunder's healing rituals and other shamanic activities. Sidian Morning Star, the grandson of Rolling Thunder, will provide the history of the chance meeting that brought Rolling Thunder together with Barry Melton, of Country Joe and the Fish, who introduced the medicine man to the rock band. This unknown fragment of rock history is filled with humor, tragedy, and wisdom.

















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