Spirituality and Ecology, an Act of Faith

Presented by Heather Kyle.

In this workshop I will present examples of how responsibility to the environment is as much an act of faith as it is of tangible benefit to the Earth. I will show clips from interviews I have conducted with Elders in our community and from average festival goers that highlight the ways that they practice their faith through acts of ecological preservation and protection. I will also facilitate further discussion of ways that we as individuals and as a religious community can preserve and protect the environment that we enjoy. How can we magically and physically influence those around us to act more responsibly? In what ways can we as a community and as individuals (even in a festival environment) do things that can actually make a difference in the care and preservation of our Mother Gaia. And, How do these things enhance our spiritual life? I will talk about the implications of "leaving no trace" and talk about the blatant disregard of the environment that even we as the stewards of the earth show at festivals and how we can check ourselves and do better in the future.

















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