Starlab Planetarium

Presented by Denise Navetta.

An opportunity to explore the night sky from the comfort of an inflatable planetarium. The program will start off with a slide presentation about our solar system and beyond. We will then explore the night sky...We will start with the sky enhanced with artwork, to represent the constellations, and explore the myths and legends of several cultures. Then, we will look at the night sky without the artwork, to help participants learn to find constellations and stars on their own. We will experience a meteor shower, a trip to Saturn, and a black hole. You will then have the opportunity to “make requests” for journeys to galaxies, planets, nebulas and star clusters. Pleiades anyone? After our explorations using the planetarium, we will use chants and drum to project us on a meditative astral journey beyond the grasp of the Earth, to explore our spiritual connection to the universe.

















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