The Politics of Healing: The Spiritual Obligation to be a Political Activist

Presented by Stephen Gaskin.

I met the Austrian Greens in 2000, riding on Ina May's midwife coattails. They were amused that the only person who came to represent that point of view, and who knew Al Gore and Ralph Nader, was a hippy. While in Amsterdam for the Cannabis Cup this November, they asked me to fly me to Austria to comment on the American mess. I wasn't ready to fly, being still jet lagged from getting across the Atlantic, so the Dutch Greens interviewed me and I cut them a DVD of it . This is what I told them: "Those of us who live in countries where a person can speak up have a holy obligation to speak out. In most countries freedom of speech is a deadly luxury. Witness Benazir Bhutto. If we don't use the freedom we have on the behalf of those who have none, we will lose that which we have as well. Praises to the universe that I can still point out that G. W. Bush is a liar and a thief and an idiot and an asshole without it costing me my life. It means that this country is still worth saving." From health care to the healing of the environment and the body politic, join Stephen Gaskin in this election year as he rallies the forces for change.

















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