The Practice of Baltic Paganism

Presented by Sventa Kovas.

A Life and a Year in the world of the Baltic. An investigation into the rituals, festivals and related deities of Latvia and Lithuania; as well as a look into the “traditional” birth, coming of age, marriage, and death practices of these peoples. Zaltys, sacred snakes, were kept in the home and fed at the table. The sisters goddesses Laima (fate) and Giltine (death) respectively presided over the birth and death of a person. The dainos (ancient chants) sing of Saule, the Sun goddess (provider of fertility and warmth) and of Menulis, the Moon god (ruler of transformation and of health). "Rasa" (holy dew) is the name given to Saule’s summer Solstice, after which the powers of Ragana bring about the diminution of nature’s force. The workshop will end with a look at the last 200 years of Baltic paganism, a period of preservation and renewal.

















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