The Rhythm Renewal

Presented by Jim Donovan.

An Interactive, Transformational Drumming Experience Explore rhythms, songs, chants and concepts from West Africa, Central Africa, the Caribbean and more! Beginners welcome. Drums provided. In this program Jim guides you through a series of steps designed to help you learn more about yourself through the ancient art of hand drumming. In addition to drumming, The Rhythm Renewal workshop focuses on helping you to build purpose and connection with others, deepen listening skills, explore ways to enhance creativity and develop new strategies for stress reduction. Experience for yourself this groundbreaking program which is helping multitudes of people find new approaches for personal success through the power of group hand-drumming. Jim's relaxed and humor infused style of teaching is non-intimidating and all-inclusive. Drums are provided or you may bring your own. No experience required. This is completely hands-on /interactive program. During the Experience you will: Develop a stronger rhythmic foundation as you learn about yourself Feel purpose and connection as you play music in an energized group setting Deeply explore rhythms from around the world Learn to express your creativity through music Sharpen listening skills and dexterity Learn how to create your own rhythms and solos Leave feeling enlivened and focused.

















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