The Solartopian Green-Powered NON-NUCLEAR Cheap-Fuel Eco-Revolution

Presented by Harvey Wasserman.

Soaring gas prices, the idiotic relapse of nuke power and the global eco-crisis all have the same answer---a TOTAL conversion to renewables, efficiency and a post-pollution Solartopian planetary prosperity. The current gas crisis is a manipulation, and the attempt to revive nuke power is complete lunacy. The all come from King CONG (coal, oil, nukes and gas) and his moron side-kick, McBush. But we can win the jobs, wealth and salvation with a green-powered revolution. Wind, solar, bio-fuels, tidal, geothermal, ocean thermal, wave, current and other forms of renewables, in combination with increased efficiency and revived mass transit, hold the key to an unprecedented economic boom. For millions of ordinary investors, they are increasingly profitable opportunities. They are also vital to our survival on this Earth. The proposed “renaissance” of nuke power is a cynical, doomed diversion from the need to get off fossil fuels and onto the revolutionary green-powered technologies that will make the difference between mass prosperity and a global apocalypse. Solartopia is the first holistic vision of what our world can and must become. As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. puts it, it is the "beautiful, tangible, credible, necessary & do-able" vision of our future. It is also totally necessary for our survival on this planet, ecologically and ecologically.

















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