Who Wants to Live Forever? The Elixir of Life and the Quest for Immortality

Presented by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart.

One of the primary pursuits of medieval Alchemists was to discover the “Elixir of Life” that would rejuvenate and prolong healthy life. Recent profound breakthrough discoveries in longevity research may finally offer this promise. As Wizards are traditionally reputed to live a very long time, Oberon has been selected as an early test subject, with his first appointment immediately following Starwood. At this and subsequent gatherings, he will be chronicling and reporting on the treatment process as he undergoes it—blazing a trail for others to follow. For this introductory presentation, Oberon will be accompanied by nationally-renowned science teacher Tom Donohue, who reported on these discoveries in a recent issue of Green Egg. Handouts will provide details and full contact info for the NYC lab, for any who may wish to join Oberon in this adventure.

















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