Odds Bodkin

Odd’s Bodkin is a trio playing original and traditional British, Celtic, Pagan and Gypsy style music. It features Kenny Klein on Vocals, Fiddle, Guitar, Banjo, Bass & Mandolin; Stephanie Rosalyn Mitchell on Vocals, Flute, Whistle & Mandolin; and Anna Klein on Vocals, Bass & Whistle. They are accompanied by guest drummers at Starwood this year. Kenny is a long-time Starwood performer, from his days with Tzipora playing some of the earliest Neo-Pagan music and producing some of the first Neo-Pagan albums on their Kicking Mule label, to his recent albums from Blackthorn Records and Brewer’s Witch Productions. His latest project, Meet Me in the Shade of the Maple Tree, is arguably the world's first CD of Pagan Bluegrass Gospel music.

















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