Taryn Barnett

Taryn Barnett was raised in Northern VA, and retired to NW PA in 2004, after serving 20 yrs in USCG. She has earned her Accounting degree from Kaplan University while being a stay at home Mom to Joseph (age 16), and Eva Mae (6) her DiGeorge Syndrome daughter. Taryn was introduced to spinning 4 year ago, was instantly addicted and now a member of the Northwest PA Spinners and Weavers Guild. Her work with fiber arts has become a deep passion and she is constantly exploring and growing with her spinning and other interests. She married Jay 9 yrs ago, and assists him with their Mead and Drum making businesses while he is off working on long term assignments.

Dyeing with Kool-aid

Take plain white fiber/yarn and give it a bit of color using kool-aid or food coloring. Safe way to have fun with color.

Fiber sculpting a.k.a needle felting

If you’ve ever wanted to make yourself a pocket goddess, or squashable offering bowl, soft beads, or other soft magickal sculpture, come check out a hands-on workshop on felting for Pagans. Using natural materials (wool, specifically) you will get a quick and dirty lesson in creating images and items in felt. Those in attendance will have a choice of small projects to complete and take with them. Note: needles used are sharp and not intended for use by children under 7. Material fee $3.00 (fiber and needle)

Spinning on a Drop-Spindle

I invite you to join me in my obsession. One of the oldest means of making yarn and thread, spinning is making a comeback. Learn the basics of spinning on a drop spindle. Use one of mine or bring your own. Material fee $3.00 (fiber and spindle)

Wet Felting Magick

Wet felting is making a fabric out of wool using warm water, soap and friction. Bring your favorite bar of soap to cover with wool (built in washcloth perfect for camping), make a felt sheet or a felt ball to use as the core for the needle felting workshop project. Very kid friendly projects. Material fee $3.00 (fiber)

















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