Jo-Ann Byers-Mierzwicki

Jo-Ann Byers-Mierzwicki began learning her family’s magickal tradition of mysticism and witchcraft in 1979 through numerous long distance phone calls to her Great Aunt in England, until her Aunt passed away in 2002. After practicing her family’s tradition as a solitary for many years, but wanting more connecting with others, she again searched for community within her spirituality. She was initiated and coven trained in 2001 through The Wiccan Order of Bast. Jo continued her training and in 2006 received the Priesthood degree through The Hermetic Order of the Wiccan Mysteries; both of these coven lineages are through the Druidic Craft of the Wise of America (DCWA) of Long Beach, California, which in turn came from the Druidic Craft of the Wise (DCW) in England. Jo started practicing Graeco-Egyptian Magick (GEM) through Tony Mierzwicki's workshops in late 2003. She has been co-facilitating all of Tony's workshops in the United States since 2004.

















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