Rebecca Crystal

Rebecca Crystal has been teaching, organizing and writing in the neo-Pagan and Feminist communities since 1979 in two, and soon to be three, different states. She is an Honorary Elder of Elf Lore Family, and facilitates the CUUPS chapter in Vermont where she now lives. Before she moves to Texas she offers workshops to the beloved Starwood community where she has presented for many years.

Improvisational Healing and Teaching Circle, 303

Do you have magical skills youíve tried but canít do? Or blocks your therapist canít figure out. Do you have a wish you want granted? Come to this workshop expecting the unexpected as Rebecca heals and teaches with the help of the ghods. Confidentiality is requested for what goes on in the workshop.

Psychic skills 101

Learn to see, hear, taste, feel, smell alternative realities while practicing with a stranger. Less talk, more practice in a fun and intense atmosphere. Bring a friend or meet a new one!

Sunday morning grounding/healing circle

Ground what you donít need or want from your experience at Starwood. Help ground the peoples who attended so they can have safe journey home. Bring what you found/bought this week for a blessing and to bless.

















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