Denizens of the Didge Dome

Didgeridoo Instructors are Jason Gazda, Owl (Jennifer Vincent-Barwood), and Steven Bachmann.

Circular Breathing Intensive

For those who understand the didgeridoo basics, but still need to learn that all-important "circular breathing". this workshop will continue the learning process with group exercises and individual instruction designed to get you to the next level. All players are welcome.

Didgeridoo Basics

Experience the beauty and mystery of the Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo - at once the most basic and yet most profound of musical instruments. This workshop will introduce the basic playing techniques - the drone, mouth sounds, vocals and basic rhythms - and then present an overview of circular breathing. No prior musical knowledge is necessary. We will have a few instruments to share. All players, from aspiring to professional, are welcome to come share and learn.

Didgeridoo Trance Circle

Less a workshop and more like an experience. Feel conventional space-time dissolve as the droning, wailing and healing sounds of multiple didgeridoos alter the fabric of conscious reality. Come drone 'til dawn! Come to listen. Come to dream.

The Didge Dome Experience

A new Didge Dome has landed! Come and hang out all you like, make it your second home, your chill out room, your meet up spot. It is public space and an official fire. We love hearing peoples voices and their instruments in it. Please feel free to play along with the didges or by yourself if we arent vibeing already! Our only rule for playing in the Didge Dome is that if you cant hear the didges you're probably playing too loud. Respect the Domes Fire and fire tenders, ours is a little different flavor than the Roundhouse and other fires. Our O-Zone is very small so be very conscious of that fact and do not lay down in it. Thank you, and we cant wait to merge our energies with yours once again!

















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