Paul Dunkirk-Greenbaum

Paul Dunkirk-Greenbaum is a fire performer of 8 years. Skilled in more than 10 fire props, Paul is an accomplished fire dancer with an outgoing unique style. Paul has worked with the Minneapolis Fire Collective, Illumination Fire Troupe, and The Secret Circus. He owns Burning Passion providing quality pyrotechnic paraphernalia to the masses and vends at about 20 festivals and many other events every year. Working together with Amy Bloss he started the Minneapolis Fire Collective and hosted a weekly spin event called Spun Out! Paul is moving and will be joining the amazing fire scene in the West Coast.

Beginning Poi

Poi is a great way to exercise your body and brain! In this workshop we will cover the very basics of getting started in spinning poi. Forward spin, back spin, butterfly, and a variety of other simple moves will be taught in this workshop! Practice poi will be provided for those who do not own their own.

Fire Dancing Safety

This Fire Dancing Safety Workshop will cover fire safety for fire performance. We will talk about the importance of a fire spotter, the equipment needed for fire safety, and all important information for having a safe fire spin. Fire dancing is NOT allowed at Starwood unless you would like to perform for the Fire Island on Friday night or for the Starwood Bonfire on Saturday night. You must attend this workshop if you would like to perform for either one or both of these events.

Intermediate Poi

This class will be a great follow up the the Beginning Poi workshop. All levels of skill are welcome here! More moves will be taught and some nice tricks to open up some freedom in movement while you spin poi. Practice Poi will be provided for those who do not own their own.

















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