Kirk Andrew Everist

Kirk Andrew Everist, a Fallen Radical Anarchist Gnostic Lutheran (FRAGL), was raised by two pastors and later lured into the church of theatre. He began exploring esoteric traditions at Grinnell College, and participating in Pagan communities while studying at Indiana University. A teacher, director, actor, and scholar, Dr. Everist has experimented with improvisation, theatre, and para-theatre for over twenty years. He holds a Ph.D. in Dramatic Arts from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and begins teaching theatre studies at Austin College in Sherman, Texas, this fall.

Improv for Ritual

Theatrical improvisation uses many of the same skills and approaches as ritual practice. This practical workshop explores two applications of improv to ritual practice: first, the use of basic improv exercises as warm-ups for ritual; second, a more theoretical approach of how to modify long-form improvisations to create entirely improvised rituals with the same rigor and intensity as scripted work. No experience of improv or ritual is required; please be prepared for physical movement.

More Than Lovers: The Polyamory Paradigm

Polyamory can be about more than sexual partners. It also provides a world view for building and maintaining multiple commitments in 21st century relationships. Career, children, family, on-line life, close friendships - all involve negotiations for time and energy, particularly with primary partners. How can polyamory provide language and models to help navigate difficult transitions, shifting goals, and competing needs? This group discussion of approaches and advice explores not only lovers, but the other beloved flowers in the bouquet.

















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