Felicia Malachite

Felicia Malachite began performing professionally in 1995 with the Sisters of Salome belly dance troupe, and began teaching privately in 1997. She also taught belly dance as a continuing education program at the University of Mass in Amherst, at the Inspirit Common yoga studio, and at festivals such as Starwood, ForestDance, and Spiritfire. Felicia has appeared on stage with several live music bands, including Mawwal and Incus, and as a guest of Gene Loves Jezebel. She has toured the US several times, dancing at nightclubs, concert events, festivals, and special events. She also holds a bachelors degree in Costume Design, and is the assistant manager of the University of Mass in Amherst costume department.

Belly Dance for the Fire Circle

As we dance around a fire we are challenged with continuous motion with and around dancers and drummers. This workshop will incorporate traveling dance steps as well as movements that engage dancers across a fire circle. We will also look at the dynamic connection between dancers and drummers. These steps are perfect for belly dance but can also be incorporated into many styles of movement. Learn new movements to share across and through the fire as well as how to share your own dance. We will also look at dance etiquette - how to engage dancers and how to decline politely. No dance experience is necessary. New dancers are welcome and experienced dancers will have the opportunity to engage with other dancers. Participants should wear danceable clothing and a hip scarf in encouraged. Musicians and Drummers are also welcome to participate please arrive early to talk with instructor.

Introduction To Belly Dance

Dance calls us to bring energy through our bodies. Through developing a wide vocabulary of movement, we can free our self-expression, and be empowered to interact with each other as we move. Belly Dance brings out serpentine movements and articulated isolations of the body as well as crisp locks and shimmies. Beginners will gain an introduction to further explorations in any style of belly-dance. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a scarf to tie around your hips!

Make Your Own Fimo Horns

These polymer clay (Fimo, Sculpey) horns get tied onto your head with ribbon or elastic. This is a fun and easy project for all ages. Create your own horns that you can wear during the festival. Choose colors to match your hair or be inspired by the festival around you. All ages are welcome but kids under 8 should have parental assistance. Class size may be limited to material availability.

















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