Grant Marquit

Grant Marquit’s career is built at the intersection of economic development, creativity and geocentric values. For nearly 15 years, he has produced large-scale events in the realm of innovation, arts and culture, technology and executive education, and consults with organizations and municipalities to make visions manifest.. He is a co-founder of Entrepreneurs for Sustainability, a Cleveland, Ohio-based non-profit that helps businesses implement strategies to enhance the triple-bottom line of people, planet and prosperity. He received a License (LMT) from the Medical Board of the State of Ohio to practice massotherapy in 2001, is an instructor of the yogic practice of Kirtan as well as a “corporate drumming” facilitator, and serves as board member for several non-profits.

Kirtan and Vishuddha Yoga

Kirtan is yogic singing – a way of connecting your physical body with the divine through ?sound vibration. Vishuddha yoga extends the practice to include the entire communication chakra - from ears to lungs - helping to build a strong, flexible and healthy communication center. This has implications for leadership, learning and healing. In kirtan practice a call-and-response format is used, with a leader chanting a ?phrase (typically in Sanskrit) and the rest of the group repeating the phrase. Participants may reach an ecstatic state, but at the very least they will have engaged in a very simple, ?free and direct form of yoga.

People, Planet and Prosperity

While traditional business models generated vast amounts of liquidity that brought wealth to many, it never took into account the value that was being removed from the earth, from other species and from future generations. Today, a notion of Sustainability is the most significant driver of business innovation, as corporations begin to measure value according to the triple-bottom line of people, planet and prosperity. This workshop will explain the basis of Sustainability and set each participant on a personal journey to help business organizations transform themselves into agents of positive change.

















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