Rev. Jessie "Medb" Olson

Rev. Jessie "Medb" Olson is a Dedicant priest of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF). She's been a Pagan for more than 17 years, a ULC ordained clergy member since October 31st 2001, and a member of ADF since June 2003. She serves as the Grove Organizer for Feather River Protogrove, ADF in Chico, CA, the Regalia manager for ADF's member store, and ADF's deputy Northwest regional Druid. She holds a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from California State University Chico. She organizes Pagan Pride Day celebrations, volunteers as a hospice and prison minister, serves as a Designated Faith Group Leader on two different military installations, leads several Pagan groups and churches, manages a large Pagan networking association in Southeast Arizona, and gives presentations on Pagan beliefs to various organizations.

Group Dynamics for Pagan Leaders

Group dynamics is the study of groups and group processes. This workshop focuses on recognizing the stages of your group's development and how to better facilitate those processes. We will explore patterns of communication, role assumption, dominance, group efficacy, and conflict.

Reflective/Active Listening Skills for Pagan Leaders

Almost everyone can benefit more from listening better. Using reflective listening skills allows us to hear not just the words that a person is saying but the message they are actually sending. Reflective listening skills are the basis of most pastoral counseling training. We will discuss the theories behind reflective listening and how they may be applied to everyday life.

The Magic of the Magi

The word 'Magi', the name for a priestly caste of the Persian and Median people, is where we get the word 'Magic'. However, the practice of Magic among the Magi has previously gone unrecognized. Through the careful examination of ancient texts we will identify spells, curses, exorcisms practiced by the Magi as protective measures against sorcery.

















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