Diana L. Paxson

Diana L. Paxson is a consecrated Priestess of the Fellowship of the Spiral Path, an Elder of the Covenant of the Goddess, and Steerswoman of The Troth (an international Asatru organization whose journal, IDUNNA, she now edits). Diana is the author of numerous mythic short stories and novels featuring the Old Religion, including an Arthurian novel series entitled The Hallowed Isle, and the Westria Series, the Wodan’s Children Series, and The Chronicals of Fionn mac Cumhal (in collaboration with Adrienne Martine-Barnes). She has collaborated with Marion Zimmer Bradley several times, including on the novels The Forest House, Lady of Avalon, and Priestess of Avalon, and has continued the series on her own with Ancestors of Avalon and Ravens of Avalon. She has been working with the Earth Goddess and with trance states and related practices for twenty years, including shamanic journeying, interactive journeying, self-induced hypnosis, soul-retrieval, oracular trance, and god-possession. She is the designer of the Starwood Goddess Welcoming and Farewell rituals.

















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