Allyson "Inanna"  Peterson

Inanna began her Tantric journey in 1998 while working as a massage therapist in Akron,OH. After an abrupt spiritual awakening in Brooklyn,NY, she decided Tantra was the light and the road to self love, and self discovery. Since then, she has grown into an amazing Teacher, Goddess, and Lover. Inanna specializes in one on one intuitive healing sessions. She also utilizes tantric healing energy to assist in releasing emotional/physical traumas, as well as Pre-Ejaculatory/ED Dysfunction in males. Inanna hopes to share these wonderful benefits, as well as educate others in creating Tantra as an alternate career choice.

Inanna is the co-founder of The Sacred Healing Path of Inanna , Inc. with life partner Tobias Bailey. They live in a beautiful mountain home near Ashville, NC where they play music, entertain fellow followers of the path, and love the majickal abundant life they share.

Getting To Know Tantra Experientally

The purpose of tantric workshop A "Getting to Know Tantra Experientially", is to delve deeper into Inanna's various massage modalities for men (Lingam + Sacred Male G Spot Massage).And for women, (the Yoni+ Sacred Female G spot Massage). Inanna will suggest tips for arousing your menopausal or medically challenged loved one during “Setting the Tantric Mood” Delicious techniques for seducing your lover and preparing a sensual environment. "Show And Tell" is a partner exercise consisting of lovers or friends for the exploration of the "giver" and "receiver" roles in tantra) "Tantric Tools And Toys" Inanna will show the class how to properly make and use their own sensual oils, as well as develop the proper stimulation techniques with sensual toys .At the end of workshop B, there will be an open discussion allowing workshop attendees a chance to give feedback and ask the Goddess Inanna questions.

Tantra For Beginners

The purpose of tantric workshop A "Tantra for Beginners", is to introduce students to Inanna's Tantric Method using a very easy to understand Pre-school kind of approach. Students can expect to learn wonderful breathing and mindfulness techniques that easily fit into our everyday busy schedules. Some examples of the curriculum are the "Tantric Body Scan" Method” ,which is a daily self check in with our minds, bodies, and spirits. “Inanna's Tantric Massage Techniques for Traumas/Sexual Health Disorders” The exercises and methods devised by Inanna for dealing with Pre-Ejaculatory Control, Erectile Dysfunctions, sexual traumas, and the many other medical disorders that can effect sexual health. At the end of workshop A, there will be a question and answer portion where Inanna will share what she has learned during her 12 years "out in the field".

















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