Priestess Rhiannon Renee

Priestess Rhiannon Renee has been an active member of the pagan community for over 15 years. She holds a Doctorate of Divinity and a Ph.D. in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences (Universal Church of Metaphysics) of CA. Being a natural born witch in a family of strict fundamentalists has shown her the Goddess truly has a sense of humor! Not knowing what she wanted to be when she grew up, she opted for never growing up; her work is her play, and her tools are her toys. She is Proprietress of Moon Struck Magick (Crystal and Alchemy Bowls), specializing in Ethereal Meditation Journeys, Chakra Balancing, Aligning with Energy Vortexes, and Energy Field Attunement's with Crystal Alchemy Bowls. She is an Ordained Minister, a Reiki Master, a Certified Hypnotherapist though Lilydale, a Rock and Mineral Advisor, and a Vibrational Alchemist who is Certified in Munay-Ki. She is also a Natural Intuitive, a Certified Interior Designer, a State Licensed Nail Tech Manager and Designer, and also holds a Certificate of Insanity! She is currently working on alignment and anchoring of grids from here to the ethers, through vibration, crystals, and energy vortexes.

Introduction to What Crystal Sound Vibration Can Do For You!

The sounds and vibrations of the quartz crystal bowls penetrate deeply into the physical and emotional bodies where they act as a gentle massage to relieve tension and stress. The vocal toning adds a human element to the sound that is calming. The over toning helps the listener to transcend earthly cares and reach for the greater joy and peace of the ethereal realms. As you sit or lay quietly and absorb the sound as it progresses. Feel the sound. It will carry you along. Feel the energies in your body being activated. Relax and enjoy the sound and the feelings.

ShapeShift Your Life! Ethereal Meditation Journey!

~*Let the sound of the bowls and the experience of an ethereal journey attune your energy vibration or just come to dance among the stars~* When the Crystal Bowls are played they create spiraling sounds that reaches into eternity. For all that has ever been is now. Calling from the distant past and the cosmic future blending all into oneness. Who are we but a composite of all we have ever experienced! With each sound of the crystal bowls waves of energy clears and frees constrictions from our bodies. The sounds allow us to reach into ourselves and experience dimensions that are blocked or shut down. Our entire world begins to expand allowing more of our true nature to rise to the surface. The sounds of the crystal bowls relay our prayers directly with magnified intention to the higher realms which allows for the shattering of crystallized patterns. They open a doorway for each of us to experience and explore realities which have been locked away. The Crystal Bowl meditations are an experiential healing experience between you and your spirit. Under your own innate intelligence the healing process takes place. Layer after layer is released, and each blockage in its own time is released and transformed into life force for you and our planet. Come and experience change in patterns and recreate yourself through ethereal meditational journey.

















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