Josh Sherman

Josh Sherman is a freeform percussionist and world musician. He plays a digital hand drum and several acoustic ones, including tabla, ghatam, kanjira and doumbek. He is also experienced in vocal percussion (konnakol and pardhant) and overtone singing. His formal musical education began with classical tabla lessons from Hasu Patel, a Guru who studied tabla under Sudhir Kumar Saxena, head of the Ajrada Gharana school of tabla. Hasu Patel is a sitar player and Guru and a former disciple of Ustad Vilayat Khan Saheb, and she also teaches classical Indian music at Oberlin College. He currently studies under Jim Feist from Cincinatti, Ohio, an amazing tabla player, teacher, and extremely serious and dedicated student of Pt. Yogesh Samsi, and "Cleveland" Balu, a wonderful kanjira player, and director of the HUGE Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana, a 10-day long festival of Carnatic music and dance. Josh’s musical interest is generally "spiritual" in nature, and all of his musical endeavors are basically experimental inquiries into NADA YOGA, the Yoga of Sound, as well as TALA YOGA, the Yoga of Rhythm.


Josh Sherman leads and performs this musical trance session based on classic Indian music. Rhythm in India is a form of Yoga, called Tala Yoga, or Taal Yoga. It uses layered rhythms to inspire states of expanded consciousness in the artist and listener. It also has many correspondences with the elements as they exist both within nature and within people. Using both north and south Indian classical and folk drumming (Hindustani and Carnatic), as well as freeform percussion based on Indian rhythmic concepts, Biorhythmia induces trance-like states related to the chakras. Josh plays tabla, doumbek, ghatam, kanjira, ghaval, and electronic instruments and devices such as the Roland Handsonic and a boomerang looping station.

















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